Fundraising Demo

Below are some examples of how an Envelope Challenge can be used to raise money for your cause. Each of these are built on the Envelope Fundraiser platform, creating envelopes for supporters to purchase. Some are simple, and some have many layers.

Each example illustrates various envelope combinations and a message that is meant to resonate with the donating community. Graphics, advertisers, and sponsor logos are included in some as examples. Check them out and contact us on how we can make your Envelope Challenge successful.

You Otter Buy an Envelope! is a fundraiser to support our Otter pup's education. Supporting this fundraiser allows pups to receive a great education in finding the best clams and urchins. Yum

Back this year is Bowling for Jimmies, repeating their physical envelope challenge in virtual form. The fundraiser is simple, and to the point. Support our Jimmies!

For generations, the Snipe hunt has been a way to connect with nature and to bring us together in the quest. This Support the Snipe fundraiser allows us to save and preserve this endangered species for generations to come!