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How to setup an Envelope Challenge web page

This page is an example of a fundraising web page that raises money using an Envelope Challenge.  There are three major componants:

  • Who you are
  • The ask (asking for a donation)
  • The envelopes

It's best to keep the first two short. The third is automatically generated by the system using short codes (don't worry if you don't know what those are... we'll show you how to use them). Images can be used throughout, and sponsors of the campaign (if you have them) can include logos. This is a very flexible platform that allows for a great many customizations.

We're "Otters United"

Yes, we're cute! And we're focused on our mission to teach our pups the best we can. We come into this world without a clue. Some of us leave the world without a clue. Our mission is to teach our otter pups to be the best clammers and sea urchin hunters in the world. Our, and their, livelihood depends on our success

Support Our Pups

Our newborn pups are soooooo cute! They stumble into this world looking for food, and some of them are looking for happiness too... but most are just happy with food.

Otters United is raising funds to help our newborn pups achieve their dreams. Unlimited clams and sea urchins. These delicacies aren't just served up in a happy meal. No!  You need to dive tens of meters down into really, really cold water and dig around in the seafloor to find them. And did I mention you need to hold your breath while doing this?

Our Envelope Challenge

By buying one of our envelopes below, you are making a donation to the betterment of all otter pups. Your donation is used to hire the best teachers, trainers, and media stars to make these pups into Otters of the Sea! There are already rumors that the top hunter-otters are working on new reality TV shows called "Clam Hunters of Monterey" and "We're Itchin' for Urchins".

There are three sections, with a very appealing range of available envelopes. Pup, Nurturer, and "Charlie's Clan" named after the oldest sea otter in captivity that passed away in 2019. And YES! you can buy more than one envelope at the same time to increase your donation. Buy the envelope that shows your anniversary.  Or how about the 2000 Tesla ($2000 envelope)?

Remember, there is ONLY ONE envelope at each donation amount. You claim that envelope, and it's exclusively yours and everyone else sees SOLD!

You Otter Buy an Envelope!

Pup Level Donation

Nurturer Level Donation

Charlie Level Donation